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20081216-Front-Cover_Layout2009 was a year of celebration marking five decades of the Searchers. From small beginnings the group has reached stratospheric heights. Frank Allen, front man and bass player has spent three years collating all his diaries and memory banks to produce this magnificent account of the history of the Searchers. It is a very full and definitive biography, but as Frank himself states in his Introduction “The story can never be a complete one”.

Nevertheless, the 448 pages are packed with epic stories, comedy and tragedy and little nuggets of information that could only have been experienced by someone who was there, covering in some detail both the earliest days of the embryonic Searchers and Frank’s formative musical years with Cliff Bennett and the Rebel Rousers.

In addition, there are 167 photographs many of which have never been published before.

“The Searchers and Me” is a testament to Frank Allen’s enduring popularity both on and off the stage. Buy the book, and when you read it you will feel as though you had experienced the life of being a Searcher.